Highlights from 2020: Year End Review

Wow, what a year on so many levels for each and every one of us. For most people, 2020 could not have gone away more quickly. QAI and DocPoint found the year offered a unique opportunity to evaluate the resilience of our team and really bring into question how we as a business would overcome […]

QAI InSights Newsletter 2018 – Leveraging Strengths

LEVERAGING STRENGTHS: WORKING TOGETHER TO GROW IIM PRACTICE Since we were acquired by Konica Minolta in September 2016, the DocPoint Solutions (DocPoint) and Quality Associates, Inc. (QAI) teams have become a true component of the Intelligent Information Management (IIM) practice of Konica Minolta’s business intelligence service (BIS) division. We continue our mission of supporting mid-size to large businesses, as well as federal agencies, while leveraging the vast […]

QAI InSights Newsletter 2018 – Message from the President

Over a year has passed since Quality Associates, Inc. (QAI) became a part of Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc. (Konica Minolta). While we continue to operate as an independent subsidiary, we have become an integral part of the Konica Minolta team and culture. THE SYNERGY BETWEEN KONICA MINOLTA, QAI AND OUR AFFILIATE, DOCPOINT SOLUTIONS, ALLOWS US TO PROVIDE OUR CLIENTS WITH COMPLETE PAPER-TO-CLOUD SOLUTIONS. […]

QAI InSights Newsletter 2018 – Making Your Business Better

An important step that is often overlooked in projects is the business analysis/proof of concept phase—especially when it comes to digitizing paper content. Take the time to determine the business drivers behind the project. Approaching a project from this angle ensures that the solution proposed meets both your organization’s current and day-forward business needs. At QAI, our goal has always been […]

QAI InSights Newsletter 2018 – Three Ways Content Services Can Save Your Company Money

A CS PLATFORM MAKES ACCESSING INFORMATION FASTER AND COLLABORATION EASIER THROUGHOUT THE COMPANY. One question we have heard constantly is “How can we do it cheaper?” Companies are always looking for ways to save money while increasing productivity. Implementing a content services (CS) solution can help your company do both. Here are just three ways implementing CS can help you save money and […]

QAI InSights Newsletter 2018 – What’s New with Our Key Partners

Kofax Kofax is a leading provider of software that simplifies and transforms the First Mile™ of business, dramatically improving the customer experience, greatly reducing operating costs and increasing competitiveness, growth and profitability. QAI has been a valued Kofax partner for more than two decades. With QAI now under the Konica Minolta umbrella, Kofax and Konica Minolta have partnered to […]

QAI InSights Newsletter 2018 – Case Study

QAI PRESCRIBES LARGE-VOLUME SCANNING SOLUTION FOR THE OFFICE OF MEDICARE HEARINGS AND APPEALS BACKGROUND AND CHALLENGES The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services’ Office of Medicare Hearings and Appeals (OMHA) administers appeal hearings for the Medicare program. Created by the Medicare Modernization Act of 2003 to simplify the appeals process, the organization is responsible for “Level 3” claims appeals within the five-level structure. […]

QAI InSights Newsletter 2018 – DocPoint Corner

Building Strategic Parnterships with Synergy In 2008, DocPoint Solutions was established as an interdependent and complementary SharePoint business to QAI in response to the growing number of organizations struggling with storing, accessing and sharing information across the enterprise. By leveraging QAI’s existing knowledge of document management—converting, scanning, classifying and digitizing information—DocPoint could then provide a full range of consultative SharePoint solution services and support […]

QAI InSights Newsletter 2018 – Inside Business Development

One Common Theme Within the Company is TEAMWORK. It’s been over a year since QAI was acquired by Konica Minolta, and we continue to grow our business portfolio—and our team. This year, we made two strategic hires: John Burgess, senior content services sales consultant, and Lansley Charles-Pierre, technical solutions engineer. For more than 20 years, John has navigated […]

QAI InSights Newsletter 2018 – Quality Assurance & Archival Services

Quality assurance and quality control have always been the cornerstone of Quality Associates, Inc. (QAI). Our Quality Assurance & Scientific Support division provides consulting services in the area of Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) and Good Clinical Practices (GCP) to companies on FDA and EPA regulations. GLP applies to non-clinical safety and environmental research during the […]

QAI InSights Newsletter 2018 – Employee Spotlight

Spenser Wilkerson Project Supervisor For Spenser Wilkerson, life is all about the unexpected. For some, unexpected journeys might sound unnerving, but for Spenser, his unexpected journey led him to Quality Associates, Inc. (QAI). Spenser began his early childhood in Louisiana. But due to being a part of a military family, he moved to Fulton, Maryland […]

QAI InSights Newsletter 2018 – Konica Minolta & QAI Give Back

For Quality Associates, Inc., a Konica Minolta company, there’s no place like home. We are proud to be a part of a company that is actively helping keep its local community healthy and vibrant by supporting various charities and organizations. MARYLAND FOOD BANK & OCEARCH During our annual Holiday Party, QAI employees generously donated canned food to the Maryland Food Bank. […]