The American flag hanging outside a government building

Federal Government agencies are faced with the needs to better serve citizens, to be more efficient, to provide for homeland security, and to comply with a myriad of regulations and government standards. QAI can help your agency comply with government record-keeping requirements, regulations, and standards such as the E-Government Act, Homeland Security Act, Government Paper Elimination Act (GPEA), Clinger-Cohen Act, Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA), Section 508, and DOD 5015.2  as part of our enterprise data services, compliance-focused data management, and digital transformation services.

Common Applications

  • M-19-2/M-23-07 Consultation and Solutions
  • Licensing, permits and registration
  • Human resources
  • Fulfillment of FOIA requests
  • Operations management
  • Budgetary management
  • eRulemaking
  • Contracts management
  • Section 508 Compliance
  • GPEA Compliance
  • Records management
  • Grants management

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