One Common Theme Within the Company is TEAMWORK.

It’s been over a year since QAI was acquired by Konica Minolta, and we continue to grow our business portfolio—and our team. This year, we made two strategic hires: John Burgess, senior content services sales consultant, and Lansley Charles-Pierre, technical solutions engineer.

For more than 20 years, John has navigated the multi-function device (MFD) landscape—including MFD manufacturers going through the transformation from selling products to providing complete content management solutions. Lansley brings more than nine years of technical expertise and training background to the team.


“The reason why I came to QAI was because the company has already made the transition from selling products to selling services and solutions,” said John.

One common theme within the company is teamwork. The company’s lean team accomplishes a great deal through developing repeatable, scalable processes—and keeping a personal touch.

“When we have a question for a team member, we walk down to their office and have face-to-face conversations,” said Lansley. “It makes the team stronger and we solve problems in less time than if we tried to solve the problem through email or Instant Message.”


With the addition of Lansley as technical solutions engineer, prospective clients are met with technical expertise for the first conversation. His experience as an educator means he can just as easily get into the technical details of a solution as he can elevate the conversation to explain how our services can help prospective clients meet their goal.


“One thing that stands out for me is our overall consistency in our strategic go-to market message, we always lead with a goal of solving business challenges and guiding companies to reach their desired business outcomes. Often times it starts with a business analysis,” said John.

The centerpiece to determining those business outcomes is discussing the reasons prospective clients want to convert their paper documents into digital files. But that’s just the beginning. The team digs deeper to determine how prospects can gain the most value of these digital files by helping companies determine how they can use them in their day-forward strategy and optimize business processes.


Going forward, QAI expects continued growth. With the influx of opportunities from Konica Minolta, as well as from the team itself, QAI will expand our reach in both the Federal and Commercial verticals. This expected growth is due in large part to the value and importance the team places on offering prospects not only a solution for their conversion project, but a solution that considers their business goals and finding the best solution that QAI, DocPoint Solutions and Konica Minolta as a team can offer.