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Comprehensive Solutions for Legal Departments & Law Firms

Legal entities operate in a progressively competitive environment. Globalization, mergers, consolidations, and increasing pressure to improve client service levels and firm profitability all contribute to the mounting list of success factors. To address these challenges, legal entities must harness their intellectual capital, centralize disparate repositories and streamline work across the case handling process. To truly capitalize on this strategy, law firms and corporate legal departments need comprehensive solutions — from intake and conflicts checking, to docketing, calendaring, and information search and retrieval, to work product and records management, and ultimately, to final disposition.

Common Applications

  • Appeals processing
  • General correspondence workflow
  • Legal motion, briefs, affidavits and other court filings
  • Licensing, permits and registration
  • Case management
  • Patent and trademark applications
  • Billing
  • Meeting minutes
  • Contracts management

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