An important step that is often overlooked in projects is the business analysis/proof of concept phase—especially when it comes to digitizing paper content. Take the time to determine the business drivers behind the project. Approaching a project from this angle ensures that the solution proposed meets both your organization’s current and day-forward business needs.

At QAI, our goal has always been to help potential customers fully evaluate their current needs and find viable solutions that truly work for them. We examine the impact a solution can have on customers’ situations and how it can benefit them long term. Our job as IT service providers is to deliver solutions that will make your business better.

That is the concept behind Konica Minolta’s Workplace Hub solution. Workplace Hub is a new technology designed around people and business processes. Until now, compatibility between systems has been one of the great obstacles to productivity at work. New innovations are on the horizon. Workplace Hub seamlessly configures systems, devices and software. By removing this barrier and adding intelligence-based services, you are able to create a workplace solution that learns and adapts to its users. As the solution adapts to the way a business operates, processes and workflows become simpler, encouraging collaboration.

Whether it is a comprehensive all-in-one solution, a one-off, custom third-party application or a script to enhance your content services solution, QAI’s focus on understanding your business processes ensures we provide solutions that address the complete spectrum of our clients’ needs. It is our mission to make sure you unlock your business’ full potential and gain a true competitive advantage.