Kofax is a leading provider of software that simplifies and transforms the First Mile™ of business, dramatically improving the customer experience, greatly reducing operating costs and increasing competitiveness, growth and profitability. QAI has been a valued Kofax partner for more than two decades.

With QAI now under the Konica Minolta umbrella, Kofax and Konica Minolta have partnered to bring an even broader array of innovative solutions, services, and expertise to customers, extending value beyond the standard product lineup. Both QAI and Konica Minolta have consistently performed at the top tiers in the Kofax Partner Program, and their sales and technical expertise is viewed as a tremendous asset to the Kofax sales organization.

A newly introduced Kofax Global Partner Program will bring even greater value to the QAI/KM team as it opens up new product opportunities with the ReadSoft and Perceptive Software product lines which are now under the Kofax brand.

“With QAI joining the Konica Minolta team, we see even more opportunities for the Kofax product suite to be introduced and expertly delivered to a broad base of customers that Konica and QAI serve” said Christian Cares, VP, Global Channel at Kofax. “Customers are demanding product and delivery depth. Konica’s capabilities allow them to provide customers with exceptional ROI around our joint solutions.“

PSIGEN Sofware inc.

QAI has partnered with PSIGEN Software, Inc. to provide customers with access to the most advanced document capture solutions on the market. PSIGEN’s advanced capture software, PSIcapture, is a single platform designed to meet all the capture needs of an organization—from document scanning and import, to data extraction and integration with any document repository.

“PSIGEN has always had a committed focus to our reseller channel. All of us at PSIGEN are excited to work with Quality Associates, especially with DocPoint’s significant focus on Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365,” says Glenn Johnson, president of PSIGEN Software, Inc.

The partnership between QAI and PSIGEN further benefits customers by providing a scalable, versatile solution to suit any organization. PSIGEN’s capture products can scale up or down to accommodate both growth and downsizing. They are also able to integrate with virtually any network scanner, fax system or multifunction printer, allowing for total flexibility during the import process. Focused on efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and scalability, PSIGEN is the industry leader in advanced document capture.