A group of students looking at a laptop

Increasing Efficiency in Higher Education

Today’s higher education institutions face greater challenges than ever before, such as increasing competition for students, operating costs and government regulations. Government funding for higher education is shrinking, while the demand for student financial aid has increased. Operating at optimal efficiency and accuracy is critical for continued success. Paper-driven processes, long student record retention periods and increased regulatory requirements characterize higher education operations. Using paper to digital services, standardizing and automating processes, institutions can run more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Higher education institutions utilize QAI’s technologies and services to optimize and streamline the full range of operations, including: admissions, financial aid, registrar, human resources, accounts payable, alumni records and development.

Common Education Applications

  • Personnel records
  • Financial aid
  • Enrollment forms
  • Facilities management
  • Library management
  • Research programs
  • Claims processing
  • Billing

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