Spenser Wilkerson

Project Supervisor

For Spenser Wilkerson, life is all about the unexpected. For some, unexpected journeys might sound unnerving, but for Spenser, his unexpected journey led him to Quality Associates, Inc. (QAI).

Spenser began his early childhood in Louisiana. But due to being a part of a military family, he moved to Fulton, Maryland when he was 12 years old—conveniently right down the street from QAI’s office. Fast forward to 2008, when a friend of his suggested that he apply for a temporary position with the company. Now, nine years later, Spenser is a project supervisor and responsible for
overseeing client projects and any special requests.

“Every day provides me [with] a chance to learn more about our clients, our company and solutions. I enjoy that we all know each other here at QAI, as well as the constant challenge to develop new solutions to meet our clients’ needs,” said Spenser.

While Spenser’s life has been full of the unexpected, there is still one constant: his family. Spenser credits his commitment and work ethic to his father. He grew up watching his father work as a laborer; a profession that takes dedication and perseverance. While Spenser ended up in a career that did not quite emulate his father’s, he still uses the inspiration of watching his father work tirelessly for others.

Today, Spenser lives in Maryland with his son, Ethan, and their dog, Bella. He finds taking care of his “awesome” son a joy and enjoys keeping busy with home improvement projects.