University of Maryland Baltimore County – Center for Health Programs

The UMBC Center for Health Programs receives approximately 2,000 case management reports per month. The Center estimates that approximately 800,000 pages needed to be scanned, indexed, and built into an archival and retrieval solution. The documents were typically 8.5×11 in size and are printed both duplex and simplex. An existing MS Access database was used to store profiles of the case management reports. Certain attributes from this MS Access database were used to populate the Alchemy database installed and configured by QAI. The Alchemy solution proved to be a fully scalable and open-ended electronic archival and retrieval solution. All of UMBCs documents are shipped to QAI’s imaging center, located in Columbia, MD, for processing and the electronic images of the documents are then returned to UMBC on CD-ROMs. The documents are then uploaded to the Alchemy database on a UMBC server to allow end users to access them as needed. The archival and retrieval solution has enabled UMBC to significantly gain back useful working space, while maintaining a records system that ensure security of the data and expedient access to patient record information. In addition to the scanned documents that are maintained in the Alchemy databases, QAI has integrated features that permit users to drag and drop emails, MS Office files, etc. to the existing databases. Access and administrative privileges are allocated on a per user basis.