Quality Associates, Inc. helps client scan and convert more than 475,000 pages in a 90 day timeframe.


BizTech Fusion is a business consulting and information technology (IT) engineering firm specializing in collaboration and productivity solutions that help clients control IT costs. The company helps large organizations, especially those in financial services, insurance, pharma, oil & energy, healthcare, and the public sector, transform their business by way of collaboration without boundaries, allowing them to communicate with any device, anywhere and achieve optimal performance levels.

The Challenge

In late 2016, when an important client came to BizTech Fusion seeking a contractor to provide a complete solution that would convert documents from paper into electronic format, transfer them into an intelligent information management (IIM) system, and provide necessary documentation and training to staff, they knew they needed additional resources to be able to provide a competitive bid. While the BizTech Fusion team was able to address the business objectives and parts of the technical goals, they needed a trusted partner that could offer document conversion expertise.


To handle the document conversion process, BizTech Fusion partnered with Quality Associates, Inc. (QAI). A Konica Minolta company, QAI provides enterprise-class services and solutions for content management, document imaging and IIM.

The initial scope of work called for a joint team effort to scan and manage over 250,000 pages within a 90 day timeframe. QAI was responsible for the onsite scanning deliverable while the BizTech Fusion team handled the business process, content management and project management.

QAI began the task of scanning the 250,000 pages of documents using a multimillion-dollar infrastructure of high-speed scanners, workstations, secure servers, software and networking equipment, all designed to move large volumes of documents through a streamlined process while maintaining the highest level of image and indexing quality. However, six weeks before the scheduled end of the project, a shift in the client’s priorities occurred whereby they requested double the number of documents to be converted, increasing the target goal to 475,000 pages within the same 90 day timeframe.


“The QAI team met the call and did a fantastic job of rapidly responding to meet the new conversion page count target by ramping up the production and delivery solution overnight. BizTech Fusion was fortunate to have had an established relationship with QAI and have found a win-win synergy throughout this joint effort. Based on this collaborative alignment and proven relationship, we are looking forward to more joint wins in the coming years.”

Xadean Ahmasi – President/CEO/Chairman

About BizTech Fusion, LLC

BizTech Fusion is a global IT and business consulting firm, providing tailored solutions that align technology with strategic business goals. We apply a “Total Care” approach to our Professional Services engagements. Our goal is to build a strong partnership with clients to enable delivering world-class, comprehensive solutions. We achieve this by utilizing our proven Assured Consulting Excellence (ACE) project methodology throughout every engagement. This allows our clients to achieve desired, measurable results while maximizing their investment value. For more information visit our website at biztechfusion.com.

About Quality Associates, Inc.

Quality Associates, Inc. (QAI), a Konica Minolta Company, provides customized solutions and services that turn printed materials and electronic information into useful, organized data that can be readily located and accessed by authorized users. From scanning and imaging to complete, searchable systems that bring information directly to the desktop, QAI offers complete systems integration, support and post-deployment training to ensure success. Founded in 1986 and located in close proximity to both Baltimore and Washington, D.C., QAI has grown significantly over the years into a trusted, experienced Value-Added Reseller (VAR) with an extensive intelligent information management (IIM) supplier and partner network. QAI works with federal, state and local agencies; schools, colleges and universities; chemical and manufacturing companies; pharmaceutical, healthcare and medical research organizations; financial, accounting and law firms; professional associations; and many others. For more information, please call 800.488.3547.