The Bayer Corporation

The Bayer Corporation had identified their Registration books to be scanned, converted to PDF (image + hidden text), indexed and built into Acrobat Catalog. The documents consisted of approximately 200,000 pages, which were required to be converted to the portable document format (PDF image + hidden text), and indexed by their product name. Bayer was soliciting a vendor that maintained a state-of-the art-imaging center and provided scientific expertise. The final project provided BAYER with a significant reduction in storage space and expedient access to registration documents. BAYER was able to locate the appropriate document through full-text searches and a well-organized file foldering convention.

All of the documents were required to be indexed and converted to PDF (image + hidden text). Date and description of the products organized the binders. The total number of pages per report can range from 10-200 pages. While the files are indexed by their product name, or A.I. ID. Bookmarks were also used to describe the section tabs within the binders. Once all the documents had been scanned, indexed, QC’d, and approved by Bayer personnel; QAI cataloged the entire project and transported the data to BAYER via CD-ROM.