Electronic Data Systems (EDS)

Quality Associates, Inc. was contracted by Electronic Data Systems (EDS) to convert documents for their customer the U.S. Department of Education. EDS was helping the Department of Education move away from their proprietary GENESYS\EXTENDER Loan Origination Subsystem application. The document images were stored on approximately 800 HP magneto optical WORM platters, with their associated index data in flat ASCII files. The output, approximately 20 million pages of images and associated metadata, from QAI’s conversion process was provided back to EDS in the portable document format. In addition to the converted data, QAI also produced log files and reports that provided traceability of platters, documents, images, and index data from the point of receipt (by QAI) through final delivery of the end product back to EDS.

QAI customized and engineered a solution that enabled the conversion workflow process to be validated with complete efficiency and was fully automated throughout. This solution consisted of multiple quality control stages enabling QAI analysts to perform validation of the image files and verification of the metadata before the final output was created. The conversion process allowed QAI to continuously extract the data from the 800 platters, while continuing with additional methods for completing the conversion project. Several modules within the conversion process were dedicated to quality control and the creation of tracking and monitoring reports required by the customer.