“No project too big or too small” is a phrase that suits Sergio Quiroz, who is an experienced Project Manager for QAI’s Information Systems Division.

Quiroz first joined QAI in October 2001 as a support technician. In 2005, after gaining valuable hands-on experience and becoming well-versed in the intricacies of detail-oriented content, he began managing projects himself.

At first, Quiroz managed smaller, department-level projects. But his ability to keep projects on track and his success in managing and training others quickly showed that he could handle larger projects for QAI’s federal and commercial clients.

Currently, Quiroz is involved in the management of a joint project with QAI’s Quality Assurance unit to scan and index regulatory documents at multiple locations worldwide. Working as part of the QAI team, Quiroz has been keeping busy travelling to areas in Europe, Asia, and South America for this large-scale project.

When asked what he has enjoyed most about his eight years with QAI, Quiroz says, “I have always appreciated the variety of projects, and I’m happy to now be in a position to be training others and imparting all the lessons I’ve learned to help other people advance in a similar way.”

Quiroz continued, “Here at QAI, we are given the opportunity to advance our careers within the company. I started as a scanning operator, and was able to work my way up to project manager. I now work with my colleagues on some of the biggest projects, for some of the biggest clients.”

QAI would like to say “Thanks” to Sergio Quiroz for his enthusiasm and dedication.