As 2013 came to a close, QAI nearly doubled its revenue, accruing more than $30 million over the course of the year. While the company has been unwavering throughout its 27-year history, this significant upsurge reflects QAI’s continued ability to stay atop changing industry trends and adapt in order to best meet client needs.

One trend in particular that has fueled QAI’s recent growth has been the increased emphasis on outsourcing. Today’s rising costs of doing business and the importance of running lean have led more organizations to turn to QAI for staff augmentation services. Whether guiding companies through peak workloads or filling the gaps in areas outside the customers’ expertise, QAI has continued to demonstrate prowess in providing clients with the resources and personnel to operate more efficiently and to minimize expenses.

By honing in on the services that our customers find most valuable and highlighting those capabilities through enhanced marketing efforts, QAI amplified its brand recognition in 2013. As a result, the organization has achieved a greater win ratio and attained not only contracts with larger clients, but also contracts for longer-term initiatives—all attributing to our substantial revenue growth.

“In evaluating and selecting a provider, many organizations follow very strict guidelines,” said QAI Executive Director Scott Swidersky. “As our brand recognition has increased, we feel that more prospects are taking notice of our past performances, which leads them to determine that we are the right fit for helping them achieve their business goals.”