Tonya Deedman

For over three years, QAI has been working with LIUNA to digitize documents and help it become a paperless organization. The project involved implementing a model at our Washington, D.C., headquarters that could be replicated by 17 departments and 9 regional offices across the United States and Canada. With over 5 million paper documents in need of scanning, the project was daunting. However, QAI’s expertise made it painless. QAI invited us to tour its facilities and view multiple-station scanning operations in progress. Next, QAI guided us through the equipment acquisition and installation process. Then, QAI trained our personnel so that they could not only scan documents themselves but also train their counterparts in the field. Seven regional offices are already operational with others ready to come online soon. Our entire organization is most pleased with QAI and the phenomenal support it provided. The model met all our needs, and efficiently transformed LIUNA into the digital organization it sought to be. Best of all, QAI was always willing to listen to our ideas and serve as a sounding board as part of its basic service package. Few companies today are willing to provide this level of support, but QAI does.