Steve Adolph

If you are looking to deploy an electronic management solution definitely, they’re [Konica Minolta] going to help us install/upgrade to version 18, we are currently on 15. There’s going to be a continued relationship and partnership there with Worthington.

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Vince Wong

My experience with the Konica Minolta Service Team has been extraordinary. I have a great account manager. I have a great tech support. They always look after our needs and think of creative solutions to do that. That’s what it’s all about — finding a creative solution and working around our budget, because we have a limited budget here in the government. They are able to do that and still fulfill our needs.

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Marcel Wingate

It is nice to have an organization like Konica Minolta, find the solutions that we need, being able to interface with the business side and discuss with them and work with them on what solutions they could be potentially using for OnBase. Really help with growing the OnBase platform within the agency.

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Nancy Fuller

QAI is making our document management efforts a pull versus push-based process, while fulfilling our need for capturing, managing, storing and preserving our paper files in an electronic format. The company has been very thorough, very professional and very proactive throughout the engagement, keeping our staff involved along the way.

John Randolph

It was a pleasure working with Quality Associates, Inc. (QAI). The DC Bar’s Member Service Center had over 1.6 million images that needed to be converted to a viable format whereby these images were accessible in an electronic format. QAI’s staff preserved our data and made the transition to the new digital format seamlessly; the professionalism and attention to detail was extraordinary. We were very pleased with the results. Your team made this project a painless success.

Regina A. Martin

Howard County Government has a long-standing relationship with QAI. Today, QAI provides technical support for our various records management and digital imaging applications, including our legacy system, Alchemy. Without these applications, we are unable to run our records management office, so we greatly value QAI’s expertise and responsiveness. QAI’s staff is very professional, always available, and has the knowledge and experience to address our issues. Howard County Government trusts QAI, with whom we have a great deal of mutual respect.

Debbie Grygier

The Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH) is a branch of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that is responsible for ensuring the safety and effectiveness of medical devices and eliminating unnecessary human exposure to man-made radiation from medical, occupational and consumer products. One of our key functions is to review new device applications and approve them based on safety and effectiveness. After a review, a document indicating whether the application has been approved or disapproved is posted in an internal imaging system accessible by our whole center. QAI performs the scanning of those documents into our system. This year alone, QAI has scanned more than 400,000 pages for CDRH.

Since working with QAI, it has been much easier for our reviewers to find and access the scanned documents. Also, QAI is very fast and efficient in their scanning services. They are always willing and able to bend over backwards to make sure we get exactly what we need when we need it, often in a day’s turnaround. The company is wonderful to work with and very accommodating.

Robert F. Hahn II, Ph.D.

At a previous job, I had such a positive experience working with QAI that when I came to Serco in 2010, I sought their support and services once again. Recently, QAI has been helping us acquire and install the hardware and software we need to support our high-volume scanning operations for major, high-profile projects with federal government customers. I have been very impressed with QAI’s people, the organization itself, and the work that they do. Their actively engaged, highly professional team is always focused on making sure that we receive what we need in a timely manner, and is readily available to answer any questions or address concerns we might have.

Mindy Covington

QAI’s use of state-of-the-art scanning technology and human resources has provided us with verified high-quality electronic documents. We can move forward knowing our e-documents are equal to our paper documents. I highly recommend Quality Associates, Inc. for high value and quality digitization of documents, and a professional and highly trained staff.

Paul M. Baliff

Over the past 8 years, we have partnered with QAI on U.S. Food and Drug Administration and Federal Emergency Management Agency projects, digitizing millions of paper documents into searchable-text (PDFs), categorizing information and completing complex data extractions. We oversaw the program management elements, while QAI performed all the document conversion tasks including pickup, inventory, transportation, batch processing, image capture and 100% data validation. QAI efficiently coordinated all aspects, meeting strict chain-of-custody, security, shredding and disposal requirements. Working with QAI has been a great experience and a true partnership from start to finish. Beyond exceeding customers’ expectations, these successes initiated a strong business relationship. Today, we are working together on several projects and seeking new ventures where our companies can join forces.

Daniel Kovalsky

We needed a local systems integrator with a proven track record in the document management business and good reputation for quality, customer service, and accessibility at a moment’s notice if necessary. We also sought one that shared our “best practices mentality” and could help us to improve service to our internal customers. QAI was able to provide more services and a more secure archival solution than other vendors we considered.

Rolf Hille

Quality Associates came in and solved our immediate problems, and were immediately responsive to our needs. We were very pleased by the work performed by Quality Associates.

Jeff Edwards

This project was truly an ideal fit for both Quality Associates and iScan. While QAI guided the technical strategy and workflow, iScan supplied the majority of the personnel needed to process the documentation and perform quality assurance on this extensive project. We are looking forward to working with QAI on future projects.

David Licht

QAI has been working with us over the past two years digitizing our paper-based regulatory files for our electronic archives. This allows us to easily retrieve and search for information without having to pull paper files, and allows us to more easily and readily support our commercial and R&D customers with accurate regulatory information. QAI has been a very important partner to Allergan on this project; and by the time this project is finished they will have literally been around the world with us, assisting our efforts on six of the seven continents. The QAI team has received great praise from the Allergan offices they’ve worked at as part of this project, and I’ve received many compliments from our international affiliates on their professionalism, expertise, and efficiency. It has been a great project with a lot of success stories all the way around, and having QAI on the team from the outset has been a big part of that.

Tonya Deedman

For over three years, QAI has been working with LIUNA to digitize documents and help it become a paperless organization. The project involved implementing a model at our Washington, D.C., headquarters that could be replicated by 17 departments and 9 regional offices across the United States and Canada. With over 5 million paper documents in need of scanning, the project was daunting. However, QAI’s expertise made it painless. QAI invited us to tour its facilities and view multiple-station scanning operations in progress. Next, QAI guided us through the equipment acquisition and installation process. Then, QAI trained our personnel so that they could not only scan documents themselves but also train their counterparts in the field. Seven regional offices are already operational with others ready to come online soon. Our entire organization is most pleased with QAI and the phenomenal support it provided. The model met all our needs, and efficiently transformed LIUNA into the digital organization it sought to be. Best of all, QAI was always willing to listen to our ideas and serve as a sounding board as part of its basic service package. Few companies today are willing to provide this level of support, but QAI does.