At QAI, we are the trusted advisors to the industry and can help you meet NARA’s M-19-21 deadlines with our suite of NARA M-19-21 Readiness Services, one of the most comprehensive strategic approaches in the industry—backed by reliable methodologies and experienced teams of data/records management experts.

NARA M-19-21 Readiness Assessment

M-19-21 does more than identify the targets in M-12-18; it establishes digital and paperless government as the standard moving forward.  This initiative is not just a compliance exercise; it is an opportunity to use the directive’s records management requirements to rethink how all information is managed and to automate paper-based processes.

Our NARA M-19-21 Readiness Assessment identifies an inventory of the strengths and weaknesses of your agency’s information management and records management systems. With its impartial focus, you gain an assessment of your capabilities for digitizing paper documents as well as benchmarks on how information management technologies are changing—critical to mapping an effective modernization strategy for your agency.

NARA M-19-21 Readiness Advisory Services

Core information management technologies are changing more rapidly than ever before, and many capabilities are moving to the cloud.  Modernizing your information management and records management systems, however, is not just a matter of selecting the latest software and hardware.  Connecting, deploying, and managing these systems is more complex.

To be fully compliant with M-19-21—and to place your agency on the same path to a digital government environment—requires a trusted advisor.  With QAI’s NARA M-19-21 Readiness Advisory Services, you can expect only the most experienced specialists who: 1) can help you integrate compliance requirements and existing capabilities into a modern strategy; and 2) understand the practical issues and pitfalls associated with information management change.