Making Critical Information Available at Your Fingertips

Information is the lifeblood of competitive companies and agencies. When critical information is trapped in files and folders, sitting in a fax machine or mailbox, or located in a remote office 1,000 miles away, it holds back operations – it delays your response times to the critical needs of your customers, vendors, and partners. It also slows down your business to the point where remaining competitive is next to impossible. And, it cost you more time, effort and money than you may realize.

For your business to remain competitive, you must have critical information readily accessible. The solution is to convert printed information into electronic data, expeditiously and seamlessly as well as ensure time and cost efficient distribution of that data.

QAI’s Capture Solutions

QAI partners with the leading capture software companies in the industry to bring emerging technologies to the forefront of our clients’ capture requirements. QAI offers complete information capture solutions that provide your business with a more effective method of coordinating, validating and assimilating incoming documents. Not only will we empower your business with high-speed functionality in data capture, processing and integration, but we will improve the integrity of business-critical data by removing opportunities for loss or corruption.

With every project, QAI provides an assessment of the capture requirements and proposes the architecture and peripheral devices needed to support the specific needs of the capture solution.

QAI’s capture service offerings include:

  • Mobile Capture: Dynamically capture and image information from a smartphone or tablet in real-time for greater customer service and faster transactions.
  • Process Intelligence and Analytics: Take your capture initiatives one step farther – analyze and report on information to drive continuous improvements.
  • Smart Process Applications: Support collaboration on loosely structured, variable, people and information-intensive business processes.

No matter how your information is formatted, QAI provides the tools to capture it all quickly and accurately. The result is lower costs, faster business processes, better access to information, and more complete records.

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