Enhance overall efficiency, improve workflows and drive results

Company growth, the introduction of new technologies, and emphasis on efficiency and running “lean,” have lead to a greater focus on business process improvement. QAI has the expertise to help clients streamline existing processes through workflows, technologies and enhancements to the way they are managing and reporting on information.

For every new project, QAI begins with a business analysis in which we go on site to document the project-related existing, or “as is” business processes. We then identify and document what the new solution can recreate, improve or eliminate, prior to performing a more in-depth analysis. Here, we look for elements including workflow purpose, key and missed steps, roadblocks and redundancies.

Then, we generate a document listing both the project requirements and the existing processes that would benefit most from modification. The documentation of the “should be” process incorporates the functionality the client desires, along with the process improvements that we would make. This document serves as an outline of a possible solution that all parties can review early in the design stage, and then continually adapt as needs and priorities shift during deployment.

As a result, our clients obtain a solution that not only streamlines their ability to manage documents and vital content, but also increases productivity and efficiency in their day-to-day business operations.

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