(March 18, 2021) At Quality Associates Inc. (QAI), a Konica-Minolta company and leading authority of records management, we’re pleased to announce that the General Services Administration (GSA) has selected QAI to be a participating member company of the GSA Electronic Records Management (ERM) Working Group Advisory Council… “It is an honor for QAI to serve on the ERM Working Group Advisory Council,” said Scott Swidersky, QAI President and Konica Minolta’s Vice President of Intelligent Information Management (IIM). “The ERM Working Group Advisory Council is perfectly positioned to address today’s fast-paced environment and the critical need to manage both physical and electronic records in the federal government with automated records management and governance.”

The ERM Working Group Advisory Council is composed of a mix of 14 industry and government representatives who will work together to help federal agencies comply with federal records management statutes and regulations, such as meeting the National Archives and Records Administration/Office of Management and Budget (NARA/OMB) M-19-21 initiative and the Universal Electronic Records Management (ERM) requirements.

For future updates, please visit our NARA Readiness Center https://www.qualityassociatesinc.com/nara-compliance-readiness/.