Critical requirements for records management in the federal government have changed significantly in the past few years. 

M-23-07, issued 12/23/2022, is an update to M-19-21, which established several requirements to move Federal agencies to a fully electronic environment. Due to delays in the electronic records transition process during the COVID-19 pandemic, M-23-07 extended the original M-19-21 deadlines by 18 months and reaffirmed the underlying goal of the transition to electronic records.

In addition, in June 2023, NARA issued the final regulations governing the digitization of permanent records (36 CFR 1236 Subpart E, Regulations for Digitizing Permanent Records). These rules have fundamental implications for the process of digitizing records and differ from current practice in the following ways:

  • Validation
  • Planning & Documentation
  • Quality Assurance
  • Technical Specifications
  • Metadata