Food & Drug Administration (FDA) – Center for Veterinary Medicine

The Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Veterinary Medicine had identified legacy documents, and labels, to be scanned, indexed, and published into an Oracle database for retrieval and storage by users of the information from the FDA LAN. The documents consisted of several different document types and required unique document profiles. QAI worked with the CVM to review the existing processes and documents to verify and update our knowledge of their procedures. QAI then developed and established a workflow procedure that enabled the imaging products owned by the CVM to accommodate any document imaging related functions. The workflow methods include training for the CVM personnel, acquisition and installation of hardware and software components needed, and the provision of on-site personnel to operate the equipment. QAI also helped to implement a much needed communication forum to coordinate the efforts of the contractor teams and to inform the CVM of progress.

QAI upholds quality control and quality assurance as our top priorities. Through traditional practice and state-of-the-art equipment and procedures, QAI maintains a conversion process that enabled the index and capture procedures to be quality controlled. This rigorous methodology ensures that the procedures created for the CVM contain several stages for validation of index files and image quality. Also, QAI prepares custom document workflow processes (document classes) that are unique to the particular the CVM document types.