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Document Imaging Report – DocPoint Reports Strong Growth

ECM for SharePoint systems integration specialist DocPoint Solutions is expecting to surpass 25% annual growth for the third consecutive year in 2013. Based in Fulton, MD, DocPoint was launched in 2008 as a wholly owned subsidiary of document imaging service bureau and SI Quality Associates, Inc. “In addition to revenue growth, 2013 has brought more than… Read more »

DocPoint Evolves into SharePoint SI

We’ve spilled a lot of (virtual) ink in DIR discussing how SharePoint is affecting the ECM industry. Overall, our conclusions have been a mixed bag. On one hand, we are certainly seeing increasing adoption of the Microsoft platform for ECM applications. On the other hand, this adoption hasn’t seemed to have had a negative effect… Read more »

Baltimore Business Monthly “QAI Wins $20M FDA Contract “

Fulton-based Quality Associates Inc. (QAI) has been awarded a new contract with the Food and Drug Administration. With the contract, the company will digitize, index and consolidate approximately 20 million pages of documentation and materials at more than 20 FDA facilities across the United States. Work on the five-year, $20 million project will begin immediately…. Read more » – “No more paper headaches in Bucks County, PA “

With more than 16,000 open cases on its books, the Domestic Relations Office of Bucks County, Pa., is responsible for a lot of important documents and reports. What’s more, some of those 16,000 open cases can remain active for as long as 18 years. The county’s new centralized digital document storage and management system is… Read more »

Baltimore Sun – “Fulton Firm gets Contract with FDA “

Fulton firm gets contract with FDA Quality Associates Inc., a Fulton-based provider of services for document management, imaging and archiving, has announced that it has been awarded a contract with the Food and Drug Administration to digitize, index and consolidate about 20 million pages of material at more than 20 FDA facilities across the nation…. Read more »

The Baltimore Sun – “From Humble Beginnings”

The time, officially, to get from Houtzdale, Pa., to Maple Lawn is just four jours and change. But it took Paul Swidersky six decades. That he made it at all from the poor coal town in central Pennsylvania to luxurious Maple Lawn in Fulton, though, is remarkable. But his improbable journey was not achieved without… Read more »