ECM & Microsoft SharePoint solutions that meet record/content management plans and ensure compliance

Everyday, businesses generate a prolific amount of content in the form of records, documents, emails, presentations, spreadsheets, and other media. As that amount continues to multiply, it has become increasingly challenging for businesses to effectively organize, manage and share vital content across their enterprise.

Supplementing QAI’s expertise in document capture, conversion and indexing, its affiliate, DocPoint Solutions, provides the enterprise content management (ECM) solutions needed to maximize efficiency, ensure accurate information and simplify communication. Leveraging Microsoft SharePoint and its suite of integrated products, DocPoint creates an ECM solution that optimizes affordability, familiarity, flexibility, scalability and ease of implementation.

From deploying a centralized repository or portal with advanced search functionality, to seamlessly migrating to the latest version of SharePoint, to developing a governance and compliance plan, DocPoint offers a full gamut of ECM solutions that align with your overall business objectives.

DocPoint’s ECM services and capabilities include:

  • SharePoint deployments, customizations, assessments and support
  • Intranet solutions and portals
  • Business intelligence
  • Workflow improvements and business process automation
  • SharePoint migrations
  • Governance and compliance plans
  • Web content management
  • Search and retrieval
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) and Office 365
  • Third-party integrations
  • Training and Support

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