Rohm & Haas: Electronic Submissions to EPA, EUPOPE, & Canada

QAI was contracted to provide document conversion support for Rohm & Haas to complete an electronic submission under the PMRA EDDE pilot guidelines. This exercise was conducted only on the reports for environmental fate studies for RH 7281 and Zoxium, which were made available to QAI as hard copies. After reviewing the guidelines, it was… Read more »

BASF: Electronic Submissions to EPA, EUPOPE, & Canada

BASF contracted with QAI to assist them with a full electronic submission to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), EUPOPE, & Canada. The data compiled for these submissions included over 1000 reports totaling more than 1 million pages. The image files were in PDF and single page TIFF format with tagged metadata. QAI’s expert team of… Read more »

Fish & Richardson P.C.

Fish & Richardson P.C. (F&R) is a highly respected national law firm with over 350 lawyers in ten offices across the U.S. F&R is one of the largest firms practicing intellectual property, litigation, and corporate law and the only firm with a truly national intellectual property practice. The firm helps its clients capture the value… Read more »

QAI Transitions Pharmaceutical Firm from Paper to Digital

Background & Challenges Quality Associates Inc.’s client is a U.S-based pharmaceutical company that develops pioneering drugs to improve the lives of people everywhere. The firm’s research constituted more than 100,000 printed documents, which were stored within folders in nearly 25 full-sized file cabinets. But simply having these archives was not enough; the process of locating… Read more »

Johns Hopkins University – Center For Communication Programs

QAI was approached by Johns Hopkins University, Center for Communications to provide an electronic publishing solution. The Population Information Program (PIP) at Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health has a mandate to disseminate information about reproductive health to developing countries. Traditionally this meant mailing out copies of medical journal articles upon request to organizations… Read more »

The Bayer Corporation

The Bayer Corporation had identified their Registration books to be scanned, converted to PDF (image + hidden text), indexed and built into Acrobat Catalog. The documents consisted of approximately 200,000 pages, which were required to be converted to the portable document format (PDF image + hidden text), and indexed by their product name. Bayer was… Read more »

Johns Hopkins University – Center For Communication Programs

The Johns Hopkins University/Center for Communication Programs (JHU/CCP) produces a Client Provider Interaction (CPI) CD-ROM that is a comprehensive resource for information related to public health client provider interaction. The package includes tried and tested tools and guidance in areas such as provider focused interventions, client and community focused interventions, management focused interventions, and research… Read more »

Quality Associates Builds Archive for Anne Arundel County Maryland

Background The government offices of Anne Arundel County, Maryland are located in the state capital of Annapolis. With print archives dating back nearly 100 years, Anne Arundel County’s offices include storage rooms filled with more than 300 boxes containing nearly 1 million pages of County Council Legislative documents including bills, resolutions, supporting documentation and zoning… Read more »

Food & Drug Administration (FDA) – Center for Veterinary Medicine

The Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Veterinary Medicine had identified legacy documents, and labels, to be scanned, indexed, and published into an Oracle database for retrieval and storage by users of the information from the FDA LAN. The documents consisted of several different document types and required unique document profiles. QAI worked with the… Read more »