QAI Insights Newsletter Volume 8, 2009 – Solution Spotlight

QAI Processing H1N1 Swine Flu Consent Forms QAI is processing thousands of H1N1 swine flu vaccine consent forms on behalf of the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. The one-page handwritten forms, which QAI worked with the state to design, are provided in English and Spanish and are filled out by hand by vaccine recipients at the point of… Read more »

QAI Insights Newsletter Volume 8, 2009 – Current Trends

By Scott Swidersky, Director, Information Systems Division and President, DocPoint Solutions Across all industry sectors, businesses have gone through periods of mergers and acquisitions. The Electronic Content Management (ECM) industry is no different. Economic conditions are creating the opportunity for companies to join forces with their competition. Take, for example, OpenText’s acquisition of Captaris and… Read more »

QAI Insights Newsletter Volume 8, 2009 – Employee Spotlight – Sergio Quiroz

“No project too big or too small” is a phrase that suits Sergio Quiroz, who is an experienced Project Manager for QAI’s Information Systems Division. Quiroz first joined QAI in October 2001 as a support technician. In 2005, after gaining valuable hands-on experience and becoming well-versed in the intricacies of detail-oriented content, he began managing… Read more »

Quality Associates Digitizes D.C. Bar’s Membership Data Records

Background and Challenges The D.C. Bar’s Member Service Center had a collection of 8,172 microfiche cards that were accessed for member information by utilizing older technology microfiche reader equipment located in the D.C. Bar headquarters in Washington, D.C. The microfiche cards contained monthly membership printouts, originally printed in alphabetical order, for the years 1974-1999. The… Read more »

Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC)

QAI was contracted by CSC to support the document imaging requirements of their customer the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. The documents converted were part of the NRC ADAMS system dating back to 1957. The documents consisted of 35,000 separate files totaling more than 630,000 pages. The paper size used in the documents was typically 8.5 x… Read more »

Electronic Data Systems (EDS)

Quality Associates, Inc. was contracted by Electronic Data Systems (EDS) to convert documents for their customer the U.S. Department of Education. EDS was helping the Department of Education move away from their proprietary GENESYS\EXTENDER Loan Origination Subsystem application. The document images were stored on approximately 800 HP magneto optical WORM platters, with their associated index… Read more »

University of Maryland Baltimore County – Center for Health Programs

The UMBC Center for Health Programs receives approximately 2,000 case management reports per month. The Center estimates that approximately 800,000 pages needed to be scanned, indexed, and built into an archival and retrieval solution. The documents were typically 8.5×11 in size and are printed both duplex and simplex. An existing MS Access database was used… Read more »

Maryland State Department of Education

Quality Associates, Inc. (QAI) was awarded a contract from Verizon Enterprise Solutions to perform system integration services for the Teacher Certification Branch of the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE). Initially, QAI was tasked to convert the legacy of teacher certification documents that contained more than over 110,000 Teacher Certification folders. More than 2.8 million… Read more »

Eastern Savings Bank – Loan File Conversion Project

The Eastern Savings Bank purchased the Macrosoft – Synergy product as an archival/retrieval solution for the storage and retrieval of various documentation created throughout their organization. Eastern Savings has contracted with QAI to scan and convert the individual loan files for upload into the document management system. The loan files are composed of 750,000 pages… Read more »