M-19-21 Records Digitization Questions:

Does the vendor offer document preparation, compliant storage, secured transportation and/or destruction services to appropriately handle the physical- sourced materials?


“QAI offers clients a comprehensive, end-to-end source for the digitization process. If working off-site, QAI staff transports the record boxes to and from the client’s location via a secure, climate-controlled cargo van that is sealed to prevent any moisture leaks. QAI drivers do not make any additional stops between our facility and the client’s locations and will not leave the van (with records in it) unattended at any time. Once in our secure facilities, QAI will complete the digitization process which includes document preparation, scanning, indexing and export into PDF format for delivery. QAI experts perform destruction services which are witnessed at our facilities. At the end of the process, we provide the client with an official certificate of destruction.”

–Expert answer by John Burgess, QAI