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How Does the Readiness Score Estimator Determine Your Score?

The Readiness Score Estimator uses a five-point scale and four different performance rating categories to determine your overall readiness for M-19-21 compliance requirements on 10 core competencies.

Five-Point Scale

1 = not started/not a priority
2 = exploring our options
3 = pilot projects in place
4 = small-scale implementations in selected areas
5 = fully implemented and operational across the organization

Four Performance Rating Categories

0-25 Not on Target
Your performance is far below target and fails to meet the minimum requirements for M-19-21 compliance.
26-35 Below Target
Your performance is slightly below target and fails to meet the minimum requirements for M-19-21 compliance.
36-45 On Target
Your performance meets the minimum requirements for M-19-21 compliance.
46-50 Above Target
Your performance exceeds the minimum requirements for M-19-21 compliance.

Ten Core Competencies

  1. Regular records management program audits, evaluations and frequent updating and validation of vital records inventory.
  2. Clear metrics and performance measures to validate records management effectiveness.
  3. Quick response and clear accountability for FOIA requests.
  4. Integrated internal controls to ensure the reliability, authenticity, integrity, usability and preservation of electronic records throughout the lifecycle.
  5. A clearly identified digitization strategy to convert permanent records created in hard copy or other analog formats to digital format.
  6. Integrated management of electronic records regardless of storage location (both on-premises and cloud).
  7. Automated systems for capturing, assigning necessary metadata and classifying electronic information as it is created or enters the organization.
  8. Incorporation of automated records management functionality into all electronic information systems.
  9. Documented and approved procedures to enable the migration of records and associated metadata to new storage media or formats as technology changes.
  10. Documented and approved policies and systems for eventual transfer of all electronic records to the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).