How Ready Are You?

The December 31, 2022 deadline for meeting the National Archives and Records Administration’s (NARA) M-19-21 compliance requirements is fast approaching. As published in NARA’s Record Management Self Assessment (RMSA) report, more than 62% of agencies are at high or medium risk when it comes to meeting M-19-21 records compliance requirements.

Gaining a better understanding of your risk exposure with our M-19-21 Readiness Score Estimator is a vital step in determining an effective compliance strategy and plan.

How Our Estimator Works

In an easy-to-follow, two-step assessment process, our M-19-21 Readiness Score Estimator gives you a general understanding of your agency’s overall M-19-21 compliance readiness on 10 core competencies.

Step One:

Complete our 10-question assessment, and we will estimate your score range for free based on your responses.

Step Two:

Complete the form and receive your customized readiness score.


Disclaimer: The M-19-21 Readiness Score Estimator is for informational purposes only and is intended to approximate the score range based on answers to the questions you provided. The categories and competencies presented here were created to help you see where you may need additional planning and preparation.